Cour  De La Mariée

As a complimentary service to our local brides, we are honored to offer a day of dressing service to ensure our bride's big day goes without a hitch when it comes to the bridal gown! This is our   Cour De La Mariée (meaning the court of the bride) service, an attendant will be with you throughout the wedding day from the moment you slip on your gown + tie your sash til' we bustle so you can dance the night away! Armed with a steamer, button hooks and many wardrobes assisting skills and

O Bridal attendant will be there to ease your mind and make sure everything with your attire is perfect from head to toe! 


This service can also be purchased if you did not purchase your gown from O Bridal Boutique. 

Rates start at $275 for two hours and $75 an hour afterwards.  OBB Dress Assistant

* Call 615-739-1852 for additional rate fee information outside of the Nashville area.

Gown Preservation

Pick up your  Preservation Kit  / drop off your dress at the boutique,

or call us to order a kit  - your kit includes:


  • Crush-proof box to ship your dress

  • Preservation bag to protect your dress during shipment

  • Stain-stickers to ensure all stains are removed during the cleaning process

  • Heavy-duty packing tape to secure your box

  • Prepaid shipping label & instructions


Follow the instructions provided & send your dress

Your cleaned & preserved dress will be shipped to you,

free of charge, in a sealed box with your 100-year guarantee certificate

Trusted by over 3 million brides since 1913

Advanced delicate fabric cleaning & preservation process & technology trusted by museums worldwide

100% organic cleaning methods recommended by the InternationalFabric Institution

100-year anti-yellowing & anti-staining guarantee

All gowns are cleaned & preserved by WGP Company